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April 3,2012

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Your Out! is the second episode of Glee:The New Directions. This is the episode that intorduces the rest of the main characters and the formation of the new New Directions. This is the final appearance of the old glee club in New Directions, but may still appear. It is written by Pink-Blue-Yellow


After Four new members join New Directions, Will and their group get starting on Assignments. Principal Figgins retires as Headmaster, and is replaced my Annalise Hackitt's Mum, Caroline Hackitt, who makes up a new rule, which may lead people to sadness. However, Will's world turns upside down when lots more people join his group, and then he finds out a secret that Emma has been keeping for weeks. What is her secret?

Cast ListEdit

Confirmed on March 27,2012


  • This is the last episode where Tina,Artie,Santana and Brittany are Main Characters. After this episode they weill become reccuring characters with Sugar and Sam.
  • This is the last episode where it will focus on the Seniors from Season 3, so the next episode will focus on the main characters in this show.
  • Emma's secret will be reavelled at the end of the episode.
  • Sue is still preganant, it is reavelled in this episode.



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