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March 27, 2012

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Recruits is the first episode of Glee:The New Directions. This episode will intoduce some of the main characters, and four of them joining New Directions. The Juniors from Season 3 will be Seniors now, and are still in New Directions at the moment. It is written by Pink-Blue-Yellow.


With most of New Directions graduacted, Will struggles to think of ideas to get other members to join. Sugar still thinks she's the best singer, and makes an enemie in Santana. After finally deciding that they should sing to the school, new friends are created, but, Sue is out to destroy the glee club once again, with help from the cheerios and jocks. Will anyone join New Directions after finding out how cruel bullies are?


Will be added after the episode has aired.

Cast ListEdit

Main Characters:Edit

  • Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Kevin Mchale as Artie Abrams
  • Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez
  • Heather Morris as Brittany Pierce
  • Birdy as Ariana Styles
  • Unknown as Hade Drakos
  • Candice Accola as Destiny Tomlinson
  • Paul Wesley as Ryan Thompson
  • Bonnie Wright as Jana Grey
  • Alex Pettyfer as Daryl O'Connor
  • Matthew Morrison as Will Shuester
  • Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester (Credit Only)
  • Jayma Mays as Emma Shuester

Reccuring Characters:Edit

  • Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans
  • Vanessa Vengies as Sugar Motta
  • Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins
  • Samuel Larsen as Joe Hart
  • Natasha Richardson as Caroline Hackitt
  • Sophie Harries as Annaliese Hackitt
  • Emily Didonato as Justine Callaway
  • Unknown as Alicia Catherine
  • Vicent Cassel as Jerry Malloy
  • Unknown as Erick Branco
  • Unknown as Charn Willis


  • This episode will have a lot of characters from Glee:Season 3, most of the other Main Characters will appear in the next episode
  • WIll and Emma Shuester got married off screen in the Summer.


  • 'You Can't Stop The Beat' by The Cast of 'Hairspray' Peformed By Will,Emma and New Directions(Tina,Artie,Santana,Brittany,Sam,Sugar)
  • 'Moments' By One Direction Peformed By Ariana Stylie.
  • 'Bloody Mary' By Lady GaGa Peformed By Hades Drakos..
  • 'The Only Girl In The World' By Rihanna Peformed By Destiny Tomlinson
  • 'Alone' By Alyssia Reid Peformed By Ryan Thompson.